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Repair Services

Laser-Tech is the industry's leading source of used cosmetic lasers, and other used aesthetic laser equipment. Aesthetic Lasers and IPL equipment often break down or suffer from software malfunctions due to their automated components. Replacing parts can also be costly; however with correctly trained and authorized technicians, non-functioning cosmetic laser machines can be simply repaired. Due to the super expansion market within the aesthetic laser industry, Laser-Tech has doubled the amount of qualified Laser-Techs to meet the request via aesthetic practitioners to repair broken equipment.

Laser-Tech's cosmetic laser repair technicians are fully certified by the Board of Laser Safety, and the Laser Institute of America in repair of cosmetic lasers and IPL equipment. Laser-Tech's technicians are specialists who are qualified to diagnose, repair and if necessary replace OEM parts for the industry's leading brands of cosmetic laser equipment and cosmetic laser handpieces such as Palomar, Syneron, Alma, Candela, Hoya Con Bio, Lumenis and Cutera. Common repairs include replacement of crystals and diodes, replacement of tubing and o-rings, replacement of flash lamps, mirror calibrations, cooling system repairs, computer board and circuit board repairs.

Preventive maintenance services are also available for these systems and are highly recommended to keep equipment functioning and performing at optimal levels. The company also stocks a multitude of parts, IPL flash lamps and filters as part of its repair services.

Laser-Tech is dedicated to delivering high quality and reliable services to its customers. Having highly skilled cosmetic laser repair technicians on staff is a strategic complement to Laser-Tech's existing resale operations for used aesthetic laser, used IPL equipment and used cosmetic laser equipment.